Attendee Resources

There is so much to do at Winter Fire and lots of ways to engage the community. Below are links to the various resources you will want to check out.

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Attendees Only Area

The Attendees Only area has links to everything you need. You can also update your badge name, comment, pronouns, and other information. If you think you missed an email, we will have a link to it in the attendees area (aka Community System).
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Schedule At-A-Glance

The Draft Schedule is the best guide to what is happening at Winter Fire. The At-A-Glance is the official document of what's happening, when, and where. Its always a "draft" as this is where we change things at the last minute if we need to. Attendees will receive a printed copy in their registration packet upon arrival.
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Fetlife - Dark Odyssey Group

We have a huge and active community on Fetlife. Its a great place to ask questions, connect with others, and find out what's happening at Winter Fire. The Fetlife group is open to attendees and non-attendees.
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Official Winter Fire Discord

Discords are all the rage ... and we absolutely have one. Our discord is loaded up with all the workshops, Special Events, and Ions. It's also a great place to chat with other attendees, read their introductions and check out the ISO thread. The discord is for Attendee's only and there is an invite in your initial confirmation email or listed in the Attendees Area ... like all the rest of our official information.

Check Attendees Area for Discord Invite

Join Our Community

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